slow down the river …

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It’s 6 in the morning, the day starts, birds are singing. Instant coffee and tired eyes.
It feels always strange to leave a place.

Chiang Rai – Pak Beng – Luang Prabang


I sit in the slow-boat on the river, on the Mekong. We are getting forward, slowly…
The landscape in a lush green with all kind of vegetation, palmes, plants … things I’ve never seen before. The sun is sparkling on the water surface and the wind blows in my face.
The movement of the boat makes me sleepy. It’s beautiful, it’s calm.
With eyes closed along the Mekong.
Some fisher boats are on the riverside, rocks rising out of the water. The captain takes it easy – coffee & cigarettes. He navigates us with confidence, direction Pak Beng .




Pak Beng – Morning – Day 2
Kids go to school, hostel owner preparing breakfast for their guests. A young Laos on his motorbike, about to take off but just a loud crack –  the front wheel went of, the plastic broke away. People gathering together, helping, looking, smiling.
This is how my day starts – Lao Coffee – Motorbike – Mekong – ok ! I’m ready ! 7 hours more.

It’s cloudy, fresh air. Green shades from bright to almost black. Trees are growing on each other, a net of plants all over everything. Kids are playing along the riverbank, jumping, running.

Down the river, slow, slow, always with the stream.
Memories passing by like landscapes.


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