a couple of days before …


I recently talked to a good friend of mine. She travels since more than a year now, on her own. Like so often in our conversations she tells me enthusiastically about traveling from one place to another. Above all, of an amazing feeling of luck, even so the difficulties which are part of her self experiences. She told me that even when you travel alone, you aren’t.
My friend isn’t the only one who told me all this. I met couple of people who are right now on this kind of trip or people who already did it. And I noticed that each one of them speaks of this feeling, a feeling that made them richer and with its high risk of addiction. I told her, for me it sounds like as if she is talking about a roller coaster and I’m standing in the queue, waiting for my turn.

I hear them screaming. I see all the happy smiling faces afterwards.
I get closer to the entry. What will I see, hear, smell, taste and feel ?
Will I like it ?


You can’t explain the feeling to someone being on a roller coaster, everybody needs to experience it on their own. (In real I’m not a big fan of roller coasters.)
Even life is a bit like this, you can’t explain it, you need to live it.
To experience it with all its disasters and miracles. So let’s do things ! Even if it scares you, you never know how it will enrich yourself.

In 10 days I will start my journey.
I’m scared and excited at the same time.



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