first destination

AIR LINE: 1.608,23 km – TIME ZONE: + 1hour

Yesterday I started my journey.
Since 6 months I’ve tried to imagine my day of departure.
Yesterday I lived this day and I didn’t realized a single thing. But maybe it was the best way to do. We are concentrating on the ‘important’ things ! The flight check in – worst case – repacking the bag (!) because the cabine baggage is too heavy, calling quick your sister, who wishes you a save trip, also last family hugs and then the safety control (you are ready to unpack your whole bag because you carry a lot of technical stuff with you).
Not to forget the passport control – “Wo fliegen Sie hin?” – “ähm … Moskau.”

And then finally sitting. Waiting with a little bit of Wifi and this great feeling of getting tired. Exhausted, no force anymore to check and worry about your fast heartbeat. You are even starting to be hungry again.
Good sign ! And then starting to smile. Smile to fellow travelers.



I’m in Moscow. I’m in Moscow. …
This happened in my mind while waiting for the final passport control at the airport Domodedovo in Moscow.
A little bit of panic. WHAT have I’ve done ?
Critical eyes – a question: ‘from Berlin’ – ‘ähm … yes!” – some copies – a signature – and I’m in !!! Relief.

Direction Moscow City. The red Train Express to Moscow. I’m overwhelmed when I realize WHERE I am.
This kind of feeling when one of your dreams come true.
The landscape is passing and right now everything looks still a bit familiar but I’m sure this will change …

– to be continued –

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