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Sophia Kaplan does floral and plant styling for events, weddings, photo shoots and special orders. She also photographs and writes about gardens, flowers and design on The Secret Garden Blog.

Join with seams (JWS) asked // How did you discover your passion for flower arrangements?
Sophia Kaplan (SK) answered // I’ve always loved plants – something I inherited from my grandfather – and flowers and found gardening very therapeutic. I discovered Amy Merrick‘s blog a few years back and this sparked a real interest in arranging them. Then while in Paris I started working at a friend’s family’s florist ‘Guillion fleurs‘, where I grew to love the process myself.


JWS // Whats your favorite blooms to work with?
SK // It’s difficult to choose a favourite. I love romantic flowers like garden roses, dahlias, and hellebores along with weird little aliens like sturt desert peas, palm seeds and wild alpine flowers.

JWS // You traveled a lot in the past years, how does this influence your creations?
SK // It’s great to discover new flowers along with other florists and plant people when travelling. I’ve definitely learnt a lot from these people. I always come back with new ideas and landscapes to be inspired by.


JWS // What does it mean to you to travel? What do you draw for yourself from it?
SK // Travelling for me is often an escape, but also a strong desire to discover unchartered territory. I love visiting my friends overseas and having them share their lives with me. I find it easier to relax and love seeing how other people live, eat, garden, etc. it’s good to take the best bits from everywhere back home with me.

JWS // How would you describe your creations in 3 words?
SK // romantic, quirky, relaxed




JWS // Which flower artist or cultures are an inspiration for you?
SK // I’m constantly inspired by my flower friends – I’ve learned a lot about not just flowers, but also life from my friends jardine botanic here in Sydney and Amy Humphreys – flowerjugs – in Paris. The japanese art of ikebana is an important lesson in negative space and of course the big guns like Amy Merrick, Nicolette and Sarah and BRRCH in New York along with Ruby of Mary Lennox in Berlin offer a constant stream of beautiful creations on Instagram.

JWS // What are your 3 favorite nature destinations in Australia ?
SK //
 I‘m writing this from my friend’s farm Clea which is 4 hours south of Sydney, that has to be one. It’s the real Aussie outback here. I love the headlands around pearl beach on the central coast and of course lord howe island is one of the most magical places in Australia if not the whole world, with pristine beaches, farm life, and big mountains to climb.


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