Russian Spirit



Okay, I’ve already learned – Never ever cross the street when the traffic light is red. NEVER !
Moscow is a really quite city in the morning, people go to work, no talk, no rush. The only noise is the traffic river.
People are so well dressed . Women are beautiful. Interesting architectures and everyone is so nice and helpful. My first impression – I know I’ll come back to Moscow.


On my way truth the city I’ve already seen thousands of things. It’s a quite and a relaxed city and if you would take out all the noisy cars it would be even better.
I got lost in the little streets and stopped by in a pastel rose colored church. I put all my stuff in my bag and walked curious to the entry. It’s tiny and two old women are talking in the entry hall, full of religious pictures, crosses and souvenirs. I continued, a bit timid and then I just realized that all the Russian women wearing the babushka (the scarf which is knotted under the chin). I had no scarf but it seemed alright.
They started to sing, the choir, the old women and the priest, who is wearing a beautiful blue coat, spoke to everyone. I stood in the back of the room, listend and watched. We were not a lot, maybe ten.
Everywhere are candles, it’s such a cosy ambiance, no high ceilings, frames everywhere which represent religious personalities.
We are reaching the end of the ceremony. The priest is kissing the centrally arranged frame and the others do like him.
The bell started to ring for about 5 minutes, in such a nice harmonic rhythm. An impressive moment and I was happy that I crossed this authentic place.

Ringing bell


little rose church
– little rose church –

Lots of buildings are in pastel in Moscow – love it !
5 minutes later I got impressed again. I arrived at the Red Square – 
Krásnaya Plóshchaď – I turned my head and I was completely taken aback. On the other side of this huge place I saw this beautiful building which is shaped as a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky – Saint Basil’s Cathedral


– Saint Basil’s Cathedral –

It’s crawling with tourists. An impressive mixture of red, grey and bright-coloured buildings.

Kremlin - moscow 2

– The Kremlin –

I continued walking straight throw Moscow and I arrived at the southern subway station of the inner circle. Due to lack of time I’ve seen only the inner circle of Moscow and I have to say I like a lot the mix of industrial, communist influenced and historical buildings.

– Cathedral of Christ the Saviour –












ministry of foreign affairs
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs –

– Gorky Parc –

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