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Пинг-понг клуб для любителей

Four nights in a row I spend HERE – at the PING PONG CLUB MOSCOW
I saw it, I had a drink and I came back … again and again.

I had the courage (on my second day of this travel) to ask Misha and Nikita, from the club, if it’s ok that I film this place. I explained my blog, who I am, that it is my first time in Russia, …  We communicated with hands, smiles and google translate – and we understood each other! He liked the idea and even more the fact that I will take the Trans-Siberian Railway (actually every Russian person can’t understand WHY you would like to take this train )
and suddenly I had a Tshirt of the P.P.C.M. !!!

So I filmed this lovely place in the north of Moscows inner circle
– Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street 20/1 – and they asked me to take photos of every stop with the train. Nothing easier than this !!

Check out the video and if you have the chance to visit Moscow, don’t miss this place! Great atmosphere, lovely people and of course Ping Pong !

– watch it here in HD –

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Here in the Club I also met Tanya, Maxime and Leon, they all study architecture. They showed me a great place to eat Khinkali – dumplings from Georgian – so tasty ! Here an explanation how to eat them (I hope I remembered it well)

1. You hold them at the upper end.
2. You bite just a little off.
3. IMPORTANT // Now a shot of Vodka !
4. You drink the sauce out of the dumpling.
5. You put some spicy sauce in the dumpling and you now you can eat all of it !
And just for the fun, have another shot of Vodka !

We ate lots of them and talked and drunk. The other day Tanya showed me Moscow, told me something about Russian architecture and guided me to one of her favorite parks, the Patriarch Ponds (Патриаршие пруды).
Right now she works on a project – a new Bar in Moscow – that will open in the end of September. Can’t wait to see ! And bon courage, Tanya !

See you all soon again !!!

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