Lost & Found


Luang Prabang – Vientiene – Khonglor village – Thakkek – Don Det

I spend one month in Laos. A country where I entered without any expectations. Sometimes it’s good but this time I felt lost – where to go and what to see – north? Or better south ? Here are some places I’ve seen and great people I’ve met during my search of … what I was looking for again ? Anyway I think I found it in the end.



Standing on the world outside
Caught up in a love landslide
Stuck still, color blind
Hoping for a black and white

Are you gonna be my love?
Are you gonna be mine?
I feel it falling from the skies above
Are you gonna be mine?
My wave, my shark, my demon in the dark
The blue tide pulling me under
Or are you my soul, my heart, pull everything apart?

Walking on the clouds unknown
Are you gonna, are you gonna be my love?

Standing on the world outside

– song by Oh Wonder

I’ve traveled on my own since Beijing. But this doesn’t mean I was alone. I’ve met so many people and actually to travel on your own means to be even more in contact with others – looking for a place to sleep, asking for a direction because you are lost, you need help for one of your heavy bags or just a small talk while you are sharing a tuk tuk with someone. There are so many ways to get in contact with people, some are just crossing your path and others become an unique travel companion.





I found out that there are different types of travelers. For sure the ones who are on vacation and try to see as much as possible of a country. And the other group, the long term travelers, all kind of age, reasons or intensions why they are traveling. I got in touch with some of them and it’s interesting to hear their story, where they have been or where they are going. And suddenly you travel together and suddenly I moved to the south of Laos.
This is what happens while you are traveling you get used to people in such a short time, days feel like months and shared moments at special places become magical.



Sometimes it’s hard to share all this with friends and family at home. That’s perhaps the moment when you could feel alone. Your memories are shared with strangers from all over the world – do you see them again somewhere ? Hopefully.



Anyway it took me awhile to find out if I like this country, but in the end I felt in love with it. How can you not fall in love with it ? I’ve seen incredible sunsets, moonsets, landscapes, I’ve met welcoming local people and lovely travelers with lonely planet books. I’ve learned weaving on a real asien loom and sang karaoke with the locals in the bus, we got so drunk in Thakkeks streets and decorated ‘one more bar’ with Ken on Don Det Island.

So many good memories.


Long time travelers don’t say good-bye, they say see you soon !



Laos was an enlightening experience for this. There is a word for it, which I’ve learned a bit later on my journey in Cambodia, it’s called Anicca – impermanence. An ongoing process to accept and to enjoy, because you don’t get the same moment twice in life.


To all my travel friends out there see you soon somewhere, take care !
Eventually, everything connects.

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