an end has a start



Am I afraid of the soft couch
I have never known
The creaking of a floor
that reminds me I’m not home
or to ask where is the best cafe
To walk and start a day
I was timid
for the unknown I’d yet to be
but I have travelled alone
and now I can see

Lynn Gentry wrote this poem for me at Berry & N7th St., Williamsburg
May 28, 2016 in NY

Telling a stranger your 11 months story on the street. ‘Pick a topic and you get a poem’ says his sign. I passed it twice before I went to him. ‘ Travelling ‘ – I said to him.
What to expect? What will be his words? How will he summaries what I don’t even can put into words?
I’m standing in front of him and start my story in Moscow, how I took the train to Beijing and traversed Mongolia. Ended up spending three months in South East Asia and worked another 3 months in Australia. Flew over Fiji to Los Angeles and on to Mexico where I stayed one month. Then up to the north – Canada, but not for long. A job opportunity at the west coast of America made me traverse the United States by train from Chicago to Los Angeles and then up north again to Vancouver and back to Toronto with my final two weeks stop in New York City.
And after that?
Iceland – my last destination!

… and those are just the key data which hides all the stories.

Here I am now.
What is different? What changed? Did I changed?
I don’t feel it yet.

I feel tired.
Full of ideas, a huge amount of footage in my backpack, projects which I will finish in the near future and stories I haven’t told so far. I get excited for the time to come.
This isn’t the end of it, it’s the beginning of something.
And I can see now.

Thank you Lynn, for putting in words what it all was about!

Thanks to all the strangers I’ve met,
thanks for your inspiration, courage, love, kindness, words, time, a place to stay, for laughter and tears.



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