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After an exciting ride with the local bus 48 and a ten minutes walk, I’ve found this charming place in Bangkok’s old town, the so called Charm-Learn Studio. Founded by Maii, Mick and Bub, so nice and welcoming guys ! This location is an inspiration for any kind of creative work. The studio is on 3 floors, plus rooftop and a gallery space. They started out giving ceramic workshops before expanding to photo and fabric dyeing. A workshop takes about 2 days and it’s usually on weekends.
During my stay in Bangkok I had the opportunity to film two workshops – ceramics & indigo dyeing. Here is an insight of what was going on during two days ! Watch it in HD

Open Tue-Sun :  
95 ซอยแพร่งสรรพศาสตร์ ถนนตะนาว แขวงศาสเจ้าพ่อเสือ เขตพระนคร, Bangkok – 95 Soi Prang Sappasat, Tanow Rd., Bangkok
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Charm-Learn Studio is also a place to work or meet with friends to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, at SATI coffee, made by F. Vitit, he is passionated about coffee, this you can clearly see. It’s a pleasure to watch him while he is preparing your cup of coffee !

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I had my perfect day at Charm-Learn Studio, I discovered and learned how to do indigo dyeing with fabrics. In the beginning I just wanted to film the workshops but I ended up participating and it was worth it !
You probably know about the batik technique but this indigo dyeing has lots of different patterns. It’s an experiment of folding, tying up and pressing fabric. In the end all these folded objects look like little art pieces.

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After dying the fabric, you wash it thoroughly and let it dry.
One of the best moments was when I heard they have a sewing machine, so I brought one of my patterns to the studio. I cut, pinned, sew and fixed buttons and I can say proudly, it’s handmade in Bangkok ! Yeah !  How it looks like ?

Soon soon … stay tuned !!

While hanging up with Mick and Bub, I’ve also met the Bangkok based photographer Jaturong Hirankarn. He has just published his second book ‘living ink’ – all about tattoos. And I agree with him – There is always hope !


After the workshops I went out with Mick and his friends to an exhibition opening of Ikebana – Japanese art of flower arranging – by Naomi Daimaru. Interesting art by an interesting woman. I’m looking forward to meet her again in November, when I’m back in Bangkok.
Later of the evening we all danced to good Jazz music at ‘Brown Sugar’. Sometime happy and exhausted I jumped in a taxi, it drove me through Bangkok’s night, back ‘home’. Thoughtful and smiling over everything that I have experienced. 
Because these two days contained everything I like – being surrounded by lovely people, lots of sunshine, good music, fabrics, thai food, ice cream, dancing and learning something new ! I definitely want more of these days !!

Thanks to Mick and all the great people I’ve met !

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