JOIN WITH SEAMS – continuation of the development of the brand IT. – ISABELL THRUN , on a journey of 11 months. The project is about the creation of small collections or unique pieces, with the cultural influences in different places around the world. It’s the collaboration and exchange of ideas with local people, in the fields of FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM and MUSIC.



I’m a german graphic designer with a passion for designing clothes, since I’m 16 years old. The opportunity to combine graphic and fashion design becomes more and more a bigger role in the past years.  After finishing my studies in 2010 I moved to France. My expertise as graphic designer and my intention to create new things initiated me to develop my brand IT. – ISABELL THRUN .
The project has grown with the time and I had the possibility to collaborate with different artists, designers and photographers. I create the clothes by myself and develop the visual identity for the shootings or films.
During this time I got a lot of motivations and impulses when working with other creative people. So I came up with the idea to expand this project and to do a trip around the world, and I would like to
JOIN WITH SEAMS – travel & design. //

for any kind of ideas, projects or collaborations !